di martedý 26 novembre 2019
Behind the Mask: Early Neolithic miniature masks (and one larger-than-lifeexample) from G÷bekli Tepe (and beyond)
di Oliver Dietrich, Jens Notroff, and Laura Dietrich

Three of the masks found at Göbekli Tepe have similar styles to the example from NevalıÇori, with non-individualized faces. However, at Göbekli Tepe the mouth is not depicted,while the Nevalı Çori mask almost gives the impression the face is screaming. Together withthe finds from other sites, a large repertoire of masks in different styles is suggested. Alltypes, with and without mouths, more individualized or abstract, are also well attested for inthe large repertoire of limestone sculpture found at Göbekli Tepe. Their treatment duringepisodes when parts of the site were deliberately filled in and put out of use can shed somelight on the larger use of masks during the PPN.Burial rites at Göbekli Tepe seem to have been applied to the hierarchical system ofanthropomorphic depictions. The enclosures’ central pillars are abstracted and clearlyanthropomorphic. The surrounding pillars are also stylized, but smaller and containzoomorphic decoration. They are orientated towards the central pillars and evoke theassociation of a gathering. Naturalistic anthropomorphic sculpture, which may partly depictmasked people, is smaller and intentiona  [...]

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