di martedì 3 dicembre 2019
di Dušan Boric


Neither in their painting nor in their carving do people seek to reconstructthe material world they know, through their mundane subsistence pursuits of hunting and gathering, on a higher plane of cultural and symbolic meaning.Whether their primary concern be with the land or its non-human inhabitants,their purpose is not to represent but to reveal, to penetrate beneath the surfaceof things so as to reach deeper levels of knowledge and understanding. It is atthese levels that meaning is to be found. (Ingold 2000:130)

Can the enclosures of Göbekli Tepe be seen as examples of the earliest recognizedshrines, even temples, that completely exclude domestic functions? What was thesocial organization of the community that gathered their efforts to carve out largepillars, up to 7m tall, and occasionally to dress them with elaborate images of mainly wild and male animals? To what end was such a large labor pool mobilized?How big was the area around the site from which people were drawn in order toconstruct and/or visit this particular place? Was there a connection betweenbroadly contemporaneous examples of intentional intensification in t  [...]

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