di mercoledý 4 dicembre 2019
Boars in G÷bekli Tepe┤s Enclosure C: just a story of huntersand prey?
di Oliver Dietrich

Depictions and sculptures of boars predominate the imagery of Enclosure C. Pillar 12 forexample has a very nice depiction of a boar with pronounced canine teeth. Next to thisdepiction a sculpture of a boar was found, obviously deposited there during refilling. Anotherdeposition of a boar sculpture, this time together with stone plates, was found next to one ofEnclosure C´s central pillars. The list continues with many further examples, as most boarsculptures discovered at Göbekli Tepe are from Enclosure C. The richness of both boardepictions and sculptures hints at a special concern of the builders of that stone circle withwild boar. As other enclosures also feature a dominant animal species, there is the possibilitythat we are dealing with emblematic or totemic animals here. But not all of the depictions are just “emblematic” in character. It seems that some, or all, also tell a story.
In an earlier post [link ], I have shortly reviewed the possibility of narrative elements inGöbekli Tepe´s iconography with regard to snake depictions. For example, on the front sideof Pillar 20 in Enclosure D we see a snake moving towards an aurochs. The auroc  [...]

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